design by:  Ethan Hickerson

         design by: Ethan Hickerson


No One Knows Me Like My Cellphone


A crowd-sourced project that explores the cellphone as a unique and intimate extension of a person, one that often influences and predicts movements and thoughts. We reveal a lot to these devices, paying little or no attention to the fact that they are paying so much attention to us. As a result, you can learn a lot about a person through their cellphone. In this day and age, a phone can keep track of our conversations and online interactions to provide the most convenient and quickest means of navigating the world around us. One can find themselves thinking, is it I or my cellphone that speaks for me, that directs me? Does anyone know me quite like my cellphone?

One way in which these devices influence us is through the predictive text feature available on most modern cellphones, or smartphones. A person can merely type one word, and their phone will automatically start suggesting words to use next based on those in which the person has used the most during their history of text conversations. 

There is some sort of poetry found within the words offered in the predictive text feature. A cellphone's ability to take notice and store our most used words is an attention to detail and consideration that can rival any 21st Century romance. There's an intimacy to this, and within the words of a predictive text line, seemingly random in order, there emerges poetry of the most personal and quaint. 


How to participate


Poems can be up to 8 lines long,

in any format you choose


To begin your poem...

Open up the notes application on your phone, or the equivalent, and type one full line of cohesive text that you choose ( not using predictive text ). This will provide a concrete starting point, and some context for the following lines, which will be chosen only with words suggested by the predictive text function. We support freedom of speech, so there are no restrictions on what this initial line can say.


After this initial line...

Begin a new one underneath it using only words from your predictive text box, and continue this until you've completed 8 lines, or feel that you've gotten an assortment of words that satisfy you. (You do not have to type 8 full lines, 8 lines is just the maximum.) You are welcome to leave the words in the order in which they are arranged in each line, which will most likely read quite absurd or confusing, or you can rearrange the words to try and make more sense or relay a particular message. Remember, after your initial line, you are only able to use words offered in your predictive text box, and if you choose to rearrange your words, you may not add any new text using your keypad.


Once your poem is complete...

Screenshot or save it, and email it to:, or click the "submit poem" button at the bottom of this page. Please include your name and city/state of residence when submitting. 




The deadline to submit...

The deadline to submit a poem has been extended until the end of the year. All submissions will be compiled and included in a printed zine and showcased in a public, one night exhibition. 

For your poem to be included in the print piece...

We will need to photograph the front and back of your cellphone, with your poem being displayed on the front screen. Once your poem has been submitted, we will be in contact with you about photographing your device. If you do not wish to have your poem included in this portion of the project, please say so when you submit. If you do not live in Oklahoma City, nor have the capabilities to come here, but would like your phone included in the print piece, please state so in your submission and we will work something out. 

For your poem to be included in the one night exhibition...

You will have to consent to your phone being on display for the duration of the exhibit, which will last about 3-4hrs. Phones will be securely displayed with the screens facing out to show the poems. Information on the date and time of this exhibition will be announced at a later date, and all participates will be notified via email. If you do not wish to have your poem included in this portion of the project, please say so when you submit. This option is for those that live in the Oklahoma City area, or those willing to travel here for the exhibition. 


Any and all questions are welcome, and they can be directed to Jerrod Beck with Peer Development at: or by visiting and submitting a message via the "quick contact" link.


All poems will eventually be published online at