J e r r o d   B e c k

who produces his own creative content, and offers insight + resources for assisting others with artistic collaborations + event curation


specializing in

artist liaison services,

creative consultation,  

promotional assistance,

and music booking


working with

individuals and groups,

businesses and average humans,

to make cool things happen

Developing a community's spirit and passion for the arts and humanity thru




unique content




offers     a     chance     for     new     experiences

Efforts both abstract and concrete will have the intention of encouraging


creativity Consideration  individuality inclusion


while adding excitement to the monotony that often occurs in life.


Peer Development

"Together in the Process of Developing."



Born in Arkansas, in a small town within the Ouachita River Valley, Jerrod now lives in Oklahoma City. At 25 years young, he is currently pursuing a BS in Family Life Education, while working for Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, a non-profit arts organization offering education and exhibition for children and adults. 

Jerrod has been curating original content since 2012. Finding his way into the arts by way of writing and performing his own music, he started his first concert series with Oklahoma City-based artist collective The Society in 2012. Since then, he has been the creator and producer of various events and projects in and around Oklahoma City, including a storytelling series, a micro-flea market, and a multi-artist compilation album. Jerrod continues to write and perform his own music, and is also involved in two other bands. 

Having worked with individuals, groups, and businesses of various kinds, Jerrod prides himself on taking initiative to explore a wide array of possibilities in order to meet and exceed the expectations of others. Kneading in his own perspective and abilities, he approaches each project with the idea of making it unique and accessible, and believes lasting impressions are made when creativity becomes tangible and shared. With his many connections to artists and professionals of various kinds, he never hesitates to bring the right people to the table in order to make an idea reach its full potential.